Why Choose Us?

There are several choices for vineyards, wineries, and camping in the Swan Creek area.  So, why choose us?  We share our home/vineyard with our guests.  We like to say “wine down with us.”  For special groups and on occasion we offer live music and our front porch karaoke.  For a more intimate setting find one of our little hide away tables on the grounds to chat, use our wifi or borrow a book to enjoy a quiet moment.  Or, choose one of our campsites and stay a night or a few nights with us.  Of course you’ll want to get a delicious cup of coffee, cappuccino, frappe, iced latte, or latte from FIRESIDE ESPRESSO.  Coming soon—we’re working on a wine shop.

Want to know more? Then contact us. We would like to hear from you

The Eden Oaks Property